Hampton Roads Nor’easter

ar12581353991794I actually started this last evening before we lost power. Power is back on so I can post yesterday’s thoughts.

The storm continues to pass over Hampton Roads slowly leaving behind record rainfall.

As the winds are blowing and the rain is falling, our homes are slowly being put to the test.

These are the kind of storms that will help us find all those pesky leaks that may never have presented themselves before.

There are some preventive measures that can be made


ar125813535380611Many believe that a roof is a waterproof seal that is protecting their home. The roof is part of a weather-resistant system designed to shed water away from the home. Having a pitched or sloped roof is the best way to shed water away from a home.

Although it is not installed on many homes drip edge flashing is important to help keep water from wicking back up under the shingles into the roof’s decking.

The chimney should have a secure chimney cap to prevent water from entering through the chimney chase.

You also want make sure there are no gaps in the mortar, and it is preferable to have the bricks sealed to prevent them from wicking water into the home

Make sure that there are no poles or trees that are in close proximity to the home. Strong winds and saturated soil are a bad combination for these items.

Make sure there is no buildup of leaves or pine needles in your gutter that prevent them from performing their intended duty. Even after the rain has stopped clogged gutters can hold moisture which can cause mildew to form underneath it and put a strain on the fascia board.

Good luck Hampton Roads, it’s going to take a little time to recover from this one.

Well at least for the next 12 hours or so I will endure having waterfront property even though I am 2 miles from the beach.

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