Self-Closing Doors

You know that annoying door you have that closes on its own? Take care of it with this quick fix.

Fun Household Tricks

You may call them life hacks, but we call them Fun Household Tricks. Watch this video for clever solutions to everyday household problems.

Improperly Installed Deadbolts

An improperly installed deadbolt can be a real security concern. Watch this video to learn how to test yours and fix it if needed.

Hanging Large Pictures

If you have a large picture or mirror to hang, make sure to use one of our favorite tricks to make sure it’s secure and perfectly level.

Fun Household Tricks 2

Lifehacks anyone? Here is the 2nd installment in our Fun Household Tricks series.

Remote Keypad Garage Door

Looking for easy, coded access through your garage door? Install a remote keypad! Watch our video for tips on how to install one.

Fun Household Tricks 3

You may call them life hacks, but we call them Fun Household Tricks. Watch this 3rd installment for clever solutions to everyday household problems.

Installing a Hinge Pin Door Stop

A door that opens too wide can damage your walls. Installing a hinge pin door stop is an easy and inexpensive way to correct this. Watch our video for more info.

Leaving for Vacation

Before you head out on that vacation, there a few of things to consider around the house. Watch our video to learn what to do before you leave.

Creating a Picture Wall Collage

Have you ever seen a picture collage on a wall and wondered how they did that? We show you how in this video.

Removing Carpet

Replacing carpet? You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by removing the old stuff yourself. Check out our video to see how easy this can be.

Installing an Interior Door Knob

Looking to update the look of our house? One easy way to do this is to replace all the knobs on your doors. Watch our video to learn how.

Fun Household Tricks 4

Who knew a pool noodle had so many uses outside of the pool? We did. So we made a video about it.

Replacing Door Hinges

Nothing can make your house (and doors) look old faster than nasty door hinges. Watch our video on how quickly and easily you can get these replaced.

Preparing Your Home for an Inspection

Simple tips to prepare your home for a home inspection.