Replacing an Electrical Outlet

Whether it’s painted over, cracked, or just the wrong color - there are many reasons you may need to replace an electrical outlet. Learn how to do it yourself with our instructional video.

Rewiring a Lamp

Don’t throw that away! Keep your old lamp alive by simply rewiring it. Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered with this video.

Single Pole Dimmer Switch Lights

On/Off is boring. Make your lighting more versatile by adding a dimmer switch! Here’s how to add a dimmer to a light controlled by a single switch.

Dimmer Switch 3-Way Light

Installing a dimmer switch for a light is a pretty simple. With about 20 minutes, you can have this DIY job done. Watch our video to learn how to install a dimmer switch that’s controlled by 2 or 3 switches.

GCFI Outlets - The Basics

They’re standard safety items in almost every home, but how much do you know about GFCI Outlets? Watch our video to find out.

Extension Cord Storage

Keep your extension cords in check by storing them like a contractor! Watch our video to learn how.

Replacing a Hanging Light

Is that hanging light looking a little outdated? Maybe it's time to replace it with a hip modern light! Watch our video to learn how.